LVSL 2017 U16. ROUND 13. EGUFC 1 Fortuna 4

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LVSL 2017 U16. ROUND 13.
EGUFC 1 Fortuna 4
Under near perfect conditions, EGUFC welcomed the U16's Fortuna team to Bairnsdale. Last time these 2 teams met saw a very one sided match in favour of Fortuna and with that in mind the Eagles took to the park.
The 1st half saw a very even contest with both sides having opportunities to score only to be denied by an equally determined backlines. The pressure seemed to be mounting on Fortuna as the expectations of an easy win started to fade away. Fortuna's disappointment began to boil over when a brilliant pass saw Peter Madu take on 2 opponents before slotting the 1st goal of the day for EGUFC to take a 1-0 lead midway through the first half. Fortuna were able to score their 1st goal making it 1-1 at the break.
Half time saw the referee address both captains to relay a message that no more back chatting and swearing would be tolerated. Unfortunately Fortuna continued their berating over all decisions against them and were t

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