LVSL 2017 SENIOR WOMEN'S. Round 22. EGUFC 1 Sale United 1

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LVSL 2017 SENIOR WOMEN'S. Round 22.
EGUFC 1 Sale United 1
The Last game of the 2017 season for the EGUFC Women's was played at home against Sale United. The Eagles just missed out by 2 spots on the ladder to go through to finals.
The last time these two teams met, it was an intense game with Sale taking the win.
Today, Sale needed a win to proceed through to finals- so it was a much anticipated game.
Fortunately for the Eagles and unfortunately for Sale the teams drew 1-1.
The Eagles kept possession of the ball and kept it in there half for nearly the entire first half. The Eagles kept the ball up with a lot of running from the midfielders and forwards. The defenders were always there - and cleared the ball every time it crept there way.
They played hard and keeper Brianna East made some awesome saves. Running off her line with no fear to beat an on coming forward to the ball many times.
The Eagles weren't giving up if Sale intercepted a pass- they kept putting i

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