LVSL 2017 SENIORS. Round 22. EGUFC 1 Sale United 4

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LVSL 2017 SENIORS. Round 22.
EGUFC 1 Sale United 4
With the Eagles last home game for the season they where determined to finish of on a positive note after a year of great improvement for this young club. They started positively looking to score early to unsettle Sale who were challenging for a finals spot if they had a win. Sale got on the scoreboard after splitting the Eagles defence in the first 15 minutes and had there sights on a second and after a dubious challenge and were awarded a penalty which resulted the home side trailing 2-0 after 20 minutes. East Gippsland picked them selves up and started to play their passing game with great affect creating several chances. They were rewarded with a great goal from Tom Forster which lifted the home side. Pushing Sale into their own half and after several chances were created the Eagles could not penetrate Sales defence who were on the back foot relying on a counter attack.
Sale scored a third on the half time whistle leading the E

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