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Top of the table Newborough-Yallourn travelled to east Gippsland to take on an Eagles side keen on taking on the challenge against a team full of experience. The task before the team inevitably was going to test the again restructured team. The task was not made any easier due to an earlier injury in the second half of the reserves to Paul Apostoleris. The Eagles once again showed their more fancied opponents that they can play an entertaining brand of football. The experience of NYUSC began to show as they began pressing the Eagles forcing mistakes. The Eagles worked hard throughout the half even though they were down 2-0 at half time. Both teams displayed a good brand of football worthy of the conditions. Once again a great first half by the Eagles clearly under pressure from a well organised opponent.
At half time and during the second half, several changes took place to assist the tiring legs and a minor injury to Nick Polglaze. The spirit shown by those who either stepped up from the reserves and a coupl

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