LVSL 2017 U12 Semi Final. EGUFC GOLD 2 Sale Green 1

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LVSL 2017 U12 Elimination Final.
EGUFC GOLD 2 Sale Green 1
The U12 Gold Eagles strode out at the West Bairnsdale oval confidently in their semi final bash against Sale Green. The weather was not favourable but the team didn't let that phase them. The Eagles were without three players, Will Brown being unavailable, and Blair Bain and Harry Lancaster both out with injuries. Coach, Marc Bain had to shift some positions around to accommodate missing players and the team had to work extra hard, having only one sub on the bench.
The game started well, the defence were working as a team repelling many chances by their opponents. Angus Burchall, Enzo Blackmore and Xander Steele did a stellar job in their respective roles. The midfield was well controlled with Quinn Carmichael, Hudson Tarling and Andrew Chapman working hard, tracking back and creating good chances for the Eagles' forwards. Ronan Moors had a couple of chances at goal, assisted by some

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