LVSL 2017 U12 DIV 1. Round 11. Monash Wolves 5 EGUFC BLUE 2

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LVSL 2017 U12 DIV 1. Round 11.
Monash Wolves 5 EGUFC BLUE 2
Blue Eagles go down fighting
In a game of contrasting halves, the EGUFC Blue Eagles went down 5-2 to Monash Wolves at Newborough.
Early attacking play from Michael Dunstan took the Eagles forward where a foul gave the Eagles a free kick and a chance to score, but the long shot from Alex Padula went high.
Minutes later a penalty kick from Dunstan was saved by the Wolves goalie.
In the 5th minute, a Wolves attack took the home team to a 1-0 lead.
Good defence from Sebastian Fidelisi and a neat pass by Monty Richardson gave the Eagles another chance, but Noah price's shot was deflected for a corner.
The Wolves took the ball deep into attack in the 11th minute and despite a diving attempt to save by Goalkeeper Ned Nugent, the Wolves scored their second goal.
Tyler Van Den Meiracker and Chidi Otuoyne were defending well for the Eagles, but strong attacking saw the Wolves score consecutive goals in the 20th and 22nd minut

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