LVSL 2017 RESERVES. Round 17. EGUFC 0 Churchill United 1

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LVSL 2017 RESERVES. Round 17.
EGUFC 0 Churchill United 1
The Reserves celebrated Andy Somerville's 50th game for the Eagles but unfortunately went down to Churchill 1-0 on the weekend.
In what was a bit of an experiment from coach Frank Desio, some of the players took to the ground in different positions to normal.
A lot of the play was conducted in the middle of the ground for the first half as the ball continued to turn over between the two sides.
Jordan Schaeche and Adam Cheesley were kept busy in the defensive midfield, while Tim Yeung and Will Park worked hard in the attacking midfield to bring the ball forward.
Gradually Churchill begun to exert more influence over the play and Mike Park, hampered by a muscle strain, was kept on the move defending the goal.
The Eagles had their chances but weren't able to score and it was Churchill who scored what was to be the only goal with 37 minutes gone.
The second half saw more position changes which led to a more attacki

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