LVSL 2017 U14 GOLD. Round 12. EGUFC GOLD 4 Sale White 1

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LVSL 2017 U14 GOLD. Round 12.
EGUFC GOLD 4 Sale White 1
GOLD too strong for Sale...
Round 13 saw U 14 Gold Eagles playing at home against Sale White. The young Eagles dominated the first half with so much of the ball but a clever Sale White defence held their back line so tight, the Eagles being caught offside time after time.
At half time both teams were goalless. A quick regroup and tactics talk from coach Paul Davies saw the 14s Gold come out the second half ready to make amends for a scoreless first half. The home teams first goal was scored by Rhonan Davies and the second moments later by Jai Nichols.
The Eagles defence was holding strong. Jai Nichols bagged yet another goal to see Eagles leading 3-0.
Sale finally managed a goal when 'on form' Eagles goalie Connor McGivern slipped when coming out and Sale seized their only opportunity to score. Brodee DiPalma took an opportunity to find the back of the net bringing the total up to 4-1 and victory for EGUFC U 14

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