LVSL 2017 RESERVES. Round 22. EGUFC 2 Sale United 0

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LVSL 2017 RESERVES. Round 22.
EGUFC 2 Sale United 0
Taking on Sale United, the Reserves came out winners 2-0 for the final round of the season.
The Eagles took the advantage early in the game.
With only ten minutes played, Will Park had a great run down the ground to pass to Tim Yeung. A penalty was called in favour of Yeung.
David Claridge took the kick and even thought it was initially unsuccessful, Claridge scored on the follow through when the keeper fumbled the ball.
With the wind playing havoc with the ball, play was unsettled in the first half. Loose play on both sides saw plenty of turnovers.
The Eagles defensive backline of Tony Desio, David Pachl and Adam Cheesley were kept busy as Sale had the play more to their advance.
However, they were unable to convert from their opportunities due the ever reliable Mike Park's great efforts in the goal, keeping the score to one nil at half time.
With the wind to their advantage, the Eagles took to the ground in the s

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