Photo Album: LVSL 2017 U14 GIRLS. ROUND 18. NYUSC 2 EGUFC 2

LVSL 2017 U14 GIRLS. ROUND 18.
The Eagles Girls were pumped..Newborough here we come..the tunes were pumping as many of the team headed off on the bus!!
Ironically it was a very similar encounter to our previous game back in June, with the play being rather ragged in the first half and the score 0-0 at the half time break.
The play for most of the half was in the Eagles favour, against some fierce and big competition both in build and personality. Our smallest players Lola Roberts, Sophie Alexander and Gypsi Canham gave them as good as they got, literally. The game was very physical with the opposition not holding back.
The Eagles girls provided some spectacular threads of play, touches, passes, attacking the ball and some brilliant footwork. There was many opportunities at goal, however luck wasn't on our side today. The second half was goal for goal, ending in a 2 -2 draw. Grace Prior scored the teams first goal a couple of minutes in followed shortly aft

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