LVSL 2017 U12 DIV 1. Round 16. Sale Green 5 EGUFC BLUE 0

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LVSL 2017 U12 DIV 1. Round 16.
Sale Green 5 EGUFC BLUE 0
The Under 12 BLUE Eagles took on a stronger Sale Green opposition and, despite a 5-0 score line, took big chunks of the game up to their opponents.
The early story of the game was about forward moves by the Sale opposition being constantly sent back to the Sale end by a determined Eagles defence.
Early Sale attacks were strongly defended by pressure from Noah Price and Monty Richardson and the athletic saves of Isaac Burgoine in goal.
Each of the teams found some rhythm and the ball moved feely from end to end, with Malachi Courtier and Price taking the ball forward with confidence.
It took until the 19th minute for Sale to score a well-struck free-kick and take a 1-0 lead.
Further Sale attacks were turned back by Sebastian Fidelisi and Burgoine, who was standing up to unrelenting pressure on the goal line as Sale attacked. The strong kicking of Tyler Van Den Meiracker gave some great ch

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