LVSL 2017 U12 DIV 1. Round 11. Fortuna Orange 0 EGUFC GOLD 6

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LVSL 2017 U12 DIV 1. Round 11.
Fortuna Orange 0 EGUFC GOLD 6
Gold Eagles dominant after holiday break.
The first game back after the school holiday break saw the Eagles two men down with an injured Blair Bain and Hudson Tarling still overseas. A motivational talk from the coach emphasising the importance of team talk and communication created the right mood as the Eagles went into play eager to defend their place on the ladder. The Eagles started strong with a couple of early attempts at goal quickly repelled. Eventually a beautiful pass through the centre from Andrew Chapman was tapped into the net by Harry Lancaster after 20 minutes of play. The first substitution saw the return of Ashur Brownlie from Europe and pocket rocket Archie Treasure on field, both players eager to contribute to the team effort and neither disappointed, playing well in both midfield and defensive positions.
Midfielder, Andrew Chapman continued to weave his way through the field and was justly rewar

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